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The Ultimate Guitar Pages Gift Guide for 2019

Updated: February 19, 2020

It’s that time of year again! Time to start thinking about gifts for your guitar playing loved ones or people you tolerate and need to get a gift for. 

Do they play guitar? Great, get them a guitar gift. But you know what? Getting something for a guitar player is not always easy. With thousands of accessories, styles, and brands it can be impossible to know what makes a good gift. Well I’ve scoured with web, and these are my top 20 gifts for guitar players for 2019.

#1 MXL Mics: DX-2 Dual Capsule Variable Dynamic Instrument Microphone

MXL DX-2 Dual Capsule Variable Dynamic Instrument Microphone, Check Price On Amazon

The MXL DX-2 Microphone is the perfect gift for the guitar player who is also into recording their music. This mic was designed specifically for guitar players and has a unique flat sided face that makes draping the mic over the top of the amp a breeze, eliminating the need for a bulky mic stand. 

I find that my practice/studio space gets very cluttered, and having the ability to easily record my guitar amp without needing an extra stand is a huge plus for me. 

This mic has a quality feel and solid construction to it, and the crossfade knob has a smooth sweep. Speaking of the crossfade knob! There are actually two elements in the dynamic microphone! Both capsules sound great, the first offers a full range warmth, while the second has a strong presence in the mid and high end. Blending these two together provides a perfect balance that usually takes two mics to get.

Worried about not getting the right mic? That’s a common fear, even for seasoned players. The great thing about the MXL DX-2 is that with the two internal mic elements, the tonal range is significant, giving you a huge range of tones and sounds. Don’t know what mic to get for recording a guitar amp? Problem solved. 

A lot of guitar players are getting into home studios and recording. If you are shopping for one of these, then consider this mic. It is the perfect gift for the guitarist that is also an amateur or professional in the studio.

#2 Pick-A-Palooza: Pick Punch

Pick-a-Palooza DIY Guitar Pick Punch Mega Gift Pack, Check Price on Amazon

I cover the Pick-A-Palooza here in greater detail. I think this is an awesome gift for any guitar player, but especially those that are younger or just getting started. 

This pick punch allows you to create picks super easily out of any flat piece of plastic, like old gift cards or those stupid fake credit cards that come in the mail. 

Never be without a pick ever again, just create a bunch and punch a new one when you need it! It also comes with a bunch of cool plastic strips to start creating picks right away. Awesome gift!

#3 AmazonBasics: Folding A-Frame Stand for Acoustic and Electric Guitars

AmazonBasics Guitar Folding A-Frame Stand for Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Check Price On Amazon

I find myself always wishing that I had more guitar stands. Honestly, I could have about 10 more in my house and I’d probably still be looking for more. Stop leaning your guitar against the couch, or up in a precarious corner. 

This stand is cheap, it folds into a nice small package, and it’ll save your guitar from falling over. These are a great gift for any guitar player, because every guitar player needs another guitar stand. And that’s the dang truth.

#4 MusicNomad: MN229 Premium Guitar Tech Screwdriver and Wrench Set

MusicNomad MN229 Premium Guitar Tech Screwdriver and Wrench Set, Check Price on Amazon

Every guitar player needs to know how to perform basic maintenance on their instrument, and every guitar player I know has the tools on hand to do so. This is the most comprehensive guitar specific tool kit I’ve seen yet. 

It contains any tools you’d need for electric guitar, acoustic, bass, and tools you’d need for some emergency amp work as well. I especially love the suede backing on the spanner wrench that protects the top of the guitar. This is a quality set of tools, and a necessity for any guitar player from beginner to advanced.

#5 Behringer: Vintage Tube Monster VT999 Classic Vacuum Tube Overdrive

Behringer Vintage Tube Monster VT999 Classic Vacuum Tube Overdrive Instrument Effects Pedal, Check Price on Amazon

Behringer has been making some incredible effects pedals lately for really good prices. This is one of those. A tube overdrive pedal that uses a real 12ax7 preamp tube for under $80!? That’s unheard of. 

Truly though, tube overdrive is the best of the best when it comes to distortion effects. This is a killer deal on an awesome pedal, and it would be a great addition to any guitar player’s arsenal. 

The VT999 is an incredibly versatile guitar effects pedal that can handle anything from warm blues to heavy metal distortion. It also comes with a power supply, so that’s nice!

#6 String Swing: Guitar Hanger and Guitar Wall Mount Bracket

String Swing CC01K-BW Guitar Hanger and Guitar Wall Mount Bracket Holder for Acoustic and Electric Guitars Black Walnut, Check Price on Amazon

Remember when I said that any guitar player can’t have too many guitar stands? Well you know what’s better than a guitar stand? A guitar wall hanger. 

These things are incredible, and not only look great, but help keep your guitars safe and your space uncluttered. I have all of my guitars hanging on these in my studio. 

You don’t even need to hit a stud installing these, they have large drywall spacers that are plenty strong to hold even the heaviest guitar. These are an awesome gift, especially if you install them and put their guitars up ahead of time. 

#7 Boss: RC-1 Loop Station Bundle

Boss RC-1 Loop Station Bundle with Power Supply, Instrument Cable, Patch Cable, Picks, and Austin Bazaar Polishing Cloth, Check Price on Amazon

The BOSS RC-1 guitar looper is a perfect pedal for practice. I wish I had this thing years ago when I started playing. This makes it super easy to lay down a chord progression and play over the top of it, which helps develop a sense of time, and the skills necessary to start playing with other people. 

Whether writing multiple parts, practicing solos, or practicing your time, the Boss RC-1 is an awesome pedal that will elevate your playing immediately. 

As a gift, you can’t go wrong with this pedal package which also comes with a patch cable and extra instrument cable. Everything you need to start using it immediately.

#8 Sony: MDR7506 Professional Large Diaphragm Headphone

Sony MDR7506 Professional Large Diaphragm Headphone, Check Price on Amazon

I cover these headphones in my guide to the best simple recording setup. Personally I find these to be necessary for any recording setup in the same way the Shure SM58 exists in every studio. 

Also, if you’re watching almost any video that shows a shot of a studio, 90% of the time they’re using the Sony MDR7506 headphones. These are incredibly comfortable, durable, and sound great for any situation. 

These headphones are workhorses, and every single guitarist needs to own a pair. Forget noise cancelling headphones that color your sound and isolate you more than you want when recording or listening to music. 

Buy the Sony MDR7506 headphones and you will not regret it, also you’ll look like you know what you’re doing. 

#9 Martin Guitar Co.: MFX740 Flexible Core, Acoustic Guitar Strings

C.F. Martin & Co. MFX740 Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings Light, Check Price on Amazon

Do you know a guitar player who plays an acoustic guitar? Most likely they’re using a Phosphor Bronze light gauge set of strings on their guitar. And why not? These are a great all around string that is cheap, easy to play, and sound awesome. 

Well recently I tried out the MFX740 flexible core strings and was blown away. I knew that these were the chosen strings of acoustic masterplayer Tommy Emmanuel, but didn’t know that they’d change the way I looked at my guitar. 

These strings feel amazing, and sound amazing too. They allow me to be extremely expressive, and they respond wonderfully to dynamic changes in both the left and right hands.

Buy a set or two of these strings for an acoustic player and they will thank you for guiding them toward the light! But don’t take my word for it, check out Tommy Emmanuel and see what they sound like.  

#10 Hiree: Guitar Pedal Power Supply Adapter Station

Hiree Guitar Pedal Power Supply Adapter Station Distributor 10 Isolated DC Output for 9V/12V/18V Effect PedalBoard with 4 AC Outlet for Charging Speaker, Check Price on Amazon

I’ve seen power bricks for effects pedal boards before, but not something so powerful and comprehensive as the Hiree Guitar Pedal Power Supply Station. Not only does this pedal supply offer power for all of your pedals, but it also has standard AC plugs for all of your other power needs. 

One feature that any pedal board supply must have is isolation for each DC power output. That means that each ground is independent from each other which keeps your effects pedals nice and quiet as these are the most sensitive parts of the guitar signal change, and thus most susceptible to dirty power, and excessive radio interference. 

The options for 9V, 12V, and 18V outputs ensure that every pedal you can throw at this thing will have a power option available. It also comes with the DC connectors that go to the pedals. If you are getting this for a guitar player who has a lot of effects pedals, this will be a god send!

#11 Eison: Guitar Strap for Acoustic Electric Bass Guitar

Eison Guitar Strap for Acoustic Electric Bass Guitar with Leather Ends Vintage Pattern Free Picks & Strap Blocks, Check Price on Amazon

There have been a ton of new guitar strap companies popping up lately, but this is one of the most unique I’ve seen in a long time. I firmly believe that the right strap will make you a better guitar player, and this strap will certainly help you do that. 

These straps have interesting patterns that you don’t normally find on guitar straps and are a nice unique change. Leather ends make sure that the guitar has a strong connection to the rest of the strap, and ensure that the strap doesn’t scratch the body of the guitar. 

This is a great gift, and includes a couple picks and some strap blocks.

#12 LEKATO: Wireless Guitar System

LEKATO Wireless Guitar System Wireless Audio Electric Guitar Transmitter Receiver 4 Channels 300 Feet Transmission Range High Frequency Battery Rechargeable, Check Price on Amazon

Wireless guitar systems used to cost hundreds of dollars. As a young player I drooled over these systems and hoped to one day be able to play screaming guitar solos while acting like I was running around on stage in front of hundreds of thousands of cheering fans. 

I can’t believe how inexpensive these things have gotten, making them a perfect gift. It’s so nice not having to worry about how far you can get from your amp before accidentally pulling it over or ripping the cord out of the guitar. 

Not only does the Lekato wireless guitar system allow you to play untethered, and make you feel like a rockstar, but it also helps protect your instrument and amp. Reaches 300 ft and recharges using a USB. Man I wish I had this when I was 15.

#13 Ernie Ball: VP Jr. P06180 Volume Pedal

Ernie Ball VP Jr. P06180 250K Potentiometer for Passive Electronics, Check Price on Amazon

A good gift is something that someone needs and wants but wouldn’t often buy for themselves. A volume pedal is exactly one of those things. 

Having a volume pedal allows for some awesome violining effects on the guitar, and for some other incredibly handy techniques. While not the most exciting pedal on the pedalboard, the Ernie Ball is likely the most useful. 

The Ernie Ball Volume pedal is the go-to for guitar players, and you’ll be hard pressed to find a professional who doesn’t have this pedal on their board. The construction is incredibly solid aluminum and the action of the pedal system is incredibly smooth. This is important for being able to get smooth volume swells and for the pedal not to move once it has been set. If I didn’t already have one of these I’d be asking for one this Christmas!

#14: VONIKO: Ultra Alkaline 9V Batteries – 12 Pack

VONIKO Ultra Alkaline 9V Batteries 12 Pack, Check Price on Amazon

This would make a great stocking stuffer for any guitar player. Whether an acoustic electric player, or an electric player, almost every single guitarist needs a bunch of 9v batteries. You can never have enough laying around, or enough tucked away in your gig bag for emergency backups. 

These batteries are cheap and great quality. Yeah yeah yeah, I know Eric Johnson claims that he can hear the difference in battery brands powering his guitar pedals. That’s a load of crap if you ask me. Don’t fret the small stuff, a bunch of these will save your keister when you run out of power.

#15 GLS Audio: 20 Foot Tweed Guitar Cable

GLS Audio 20 Foot Guitar Instrument Cable – Right Angle 1/4 Inch TS to Straight 1/4 Inch TS 20 FT Brown Yellow Tweed Cloth Jacket, Check Price on Amazon

As with many of the gifts that make my yearly list, any guitar player can never have too many nice cables. The thing I really like about these are the straight to right angle which is perfect from guitar to pedal, or guitar to amp. 20 feet is also the perfect length for most applications of guitar instrument cable. 

The GLS guitar cable has a beautiful tweed cloth covering which makes the cord durable while looking cool too. If you have a beginner guitar player in the family, their setup probably came with a dirt cheap, junky instrument cable. Upgrade their setup to something a bit more rock and roll.

#16  Eargasm: High Fidelity Earplugs

Eargasm High Fidelity Earplugs for Concerts & Musicians, Check Price on Amazon

If you’ve been on Instagram in 2019 you’ve probably seen ads for the Eargasm earplugs. With their millennial focused marketing and slightly groan inducing company name, I love what these guys are doing. Our hearing is a precious thing that not enough of us protect, especially when we’re young. 

I think it’s super important to change the perception of wearing earplugs from being lame, to taking care of and making an investment in one of our most important senses. If you’re a parent who’s kid is getting into music, playing guitar (especially with a drummer), and going to live shows can be havoc for their hearing if not prepared. 

These earplugs are affordable and provide the necessary protection while also allowing certain frequencies through. This brings down the overall volume, but doesn’t affect the overall tonal range, making the music sound great while reigning in those eardrum piercing sounds. 

Do your kid/friend/loved one a favor and get them these earplugs.

#17: D’Addario: Eclipse Clip-On Tuner

D’Addario Accessories Eclipse Headstock Tuner, Check Price on Amazon

What would a top 20 guitar gift guide be without my favorite clip on tuner of the year. I have been using this exclusively on my Martin D-18V acoustic this year and am totally loving it. 

The screen is bright and the colors are vibrant, which makes tuning in a bright room or outside nice and simple. I haven’t had to change out the battery yet, and haven’t noticed the battery getting low in any way. Some of these clip on tuners eat through batteries very quickly. Not this one. 

You can use this with Acoustic, electric, bass, really anything that vibrates and it does a great job of tuning. It’s chromatic so it will work with any tuning, and any instrument. I could never have too many of these, and would happily take another 10. I’m sensing a pattern here.

#18: On-Stage: RS7000 Stage Monitor or Guitar Amp Stand

On-Stage RS7000 Stage Monitor or Guitar Amp Stand, Check Price on Amazon

Are you shopping for someone who’s a little bit older? OK, get them this! The On-Stage amp stand elevates the amplifier which does two things.

First, it allows the sound to face you as you’re playing instead of being aimed across the floor at the ankles. This allows you to hear the tone much more clearly and keep the amp at a much lower volume. That’s a win for everybody. 

Second, and most importantly, it gets the knobs and switches closer to the eyes. If you have a hard time reading the tiny words on the amp face then it’s going to be a huge pain to bend over and try to read those words. That’s frustrating and can make playing guitar no fun. This amp stand is an enormous help for those with their glasses close by. 

I haven’t used this as a stage monitor stand, but as an amp stand in the practice room or studio it is incredibly handy. On-Stage makes some great equipment and this is no exception. This is a perfect gift for the older guitar player.

#19: UGY: Guitar Capo for Acoustic and Electric Guitars

UGY Capo Guitar Capo for Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Check Price on Amazon

This is another guitar accessory just like the clip on tuner. I could have another 10 of these and I’d be happy. I’ve looked at my list of favorite capos before, but recently came across this one that I haven’t seen before. 

These things are super cheap and well made. The 2 pack costs less than most single capos out there. And while they’re crazy cheap, they’re not pieces of junk. Don’t take my word for it, check out the reviews on Amazon, everyone loves them. 

This is another awesome gift that every single guitar player would love to get. You absolutely can’t go wrong with the UGY guitar capos. They’re simple and affordable, just like they should be.

#20 BOSS: DS-1 Distortion Pedal

Boss DS-1 Distortion Bundle with Power Supply, Instrument Cable & Patch Cable, Check Price on Amazon

And finally, to round out the best guitar gifts of 2019… the BOSS DS-1 Distortion Pedal. This is on Amazon’s most wished for list for a reason, and as I recently wrote about, the Boss DS-1 is in my opinion, the best beginner effects pedal to buy

This was the first effects pedal I bought, and I got countless hours of fun out of it playing everything from blues to heavy rock. This pedal is versatile and I guarantee that every professional player has this pedal someone in their mountain of gear. 

The Boss DS-1 is a universal effect that has been used endlessly by guitar players since 1978. Guitar players like Kurt Cobain, Steve Vai, Gary Moore, John Frusciante and many more. [1]

You absolutely cannot go wrong with this pedal, especially if you’re buying it for someone who’s just starting to explore the world of effects pedals. This is a perfect first effects pedal, or a great addition to a pedal board. You won’t be disappointed with this gift.