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How to Buy The Best Beginner Acoustic Guitar

In this beginner acoustic guitar buying guide, we look at our two favorite beginner acoustics and give you tips on what to look for and what to avoid when buying a beginner acoustic guitar.

The Best Clip On Tuners for Guitar
The Best Clip On Tuners for Guitar

A detailed look at our favorite clip on tuners. The D’Addario Eclipse has been my top choice over the past two years.

10 Ways To Make Your Acoustic Guitar Sound Better
10 Ways To Make Your Acoustic Guitar Sound Better

There’s a good chance your acoustic guitar could be sounding better. Here are 10 ways to ensure it sounds and plays its best.

Which Type of Soldering Iron to Use for Guitar Electronics
Which Type of Soldering Iron to Use for Guitar Electronics

Soldering is a skill that can save you time and money by allowing you to do electronics work on your own guitars. Learn this easy skill, purchase a nice soldering tool, and you’ll never have to take your guitars to a tech for jack repairs, pot replacements, or pickup swaps. Soldering is not only easy, […]

Volume Pedals
Our Favorite Volume Pedals

A volume pedal is one of the most underrated tools a guitarist can utilize both for live performance where efficiency and professionalism matter, and in crafting the perfect sound that gets the most out of your entire rig. Every single guitar player should have a volume pedal on their pedal board, it’s that important. Our […]

Gain vs Volume vs Master volume
Volume, Gain, Master Volume: Set Correctly on Your Guitar Amp

On a standard guitar rig you have a myriad of ways to change the volume that ends up coming out of the amp. The volume knob on a guitar, a volume pedal on the pedal board, the volume or gain knob on the amp, and finally a master volume (and sometimes even another master volume […]

Will Electric Guitar Strings Work On An Acoustic?
Will Electric Guitar Strings Work On An Acoustic?

I saw this question floating around on the internet recently. Will electric guitar strings work on an acoustic guitar?  The short answer is: putting electric strings on an acoustic won’t damage it, but they won’t sound very good and the guitar won’t be setup correctly for the considerable drop in string tension. Additionally, you may […]

Recording Tech: MXL DX-2 (SM57 Killer?) Microphone Review

DX-2 Quick Review The DX-2 Dual Capsule microphone from MXL is a unique dynamic mic that provides a full range of tones via two independent cardioid capsules, making it a choice mic for dialing in the perfect guitar or bass amp tone. The DX-2 is built like a tank, and feels as solid as its […]

Humbucker Height
Setup Like a Pro: Correctly Adjust Pickup Height on Electric Guitars

Correct height on an electric guitar pickup is essential for a guitar to play and sound its best. Pickups that are too high can cause string magnetic interference typically resulting in a warbly sound, and pickups adjusted too low mute an already small voltage output and leave a guitar sounding wimpy and dare I say, […]

ES335 Satin Burst
How to Fix Guitar String Warble

One of the worst sounds to hear coming from your guitar is a warble that takes what should be clear notes and makes them sound like Chewbacca using a talk box. That warble sound occurs when there is interference in the even vibration of the guitar string. This interference introduces irregularities into the smooth vibration […]