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Why Are Guitar Cases So Expensive
Why Are Guitar Cases So Expensive

You just bought a brand new guitar and now you have to get a case too!? It feels like an unnecessary cost, and on top of that it’s more expensive than you’d hoped. In this article, we explore why guitar cases are so expensive, the different styles, and even recommend the best hardshell case and gig bag for your money.

Guitar Output Jack
How to Correctly Replace a Guitar Output Jack

Replacing an output jack on a guitar is a quick and easy repair, just make sure you have a good soldering iron or station, and a good quality jack. Follow the step by step guide below to perform this inexpensive and fun upgrade.

Guitars on Stands
Is it OK to Leave My Guitar on a Stand?

Unless you’re humidifying your guitar with a case humidifier, or have small kids or pets running around that may knock it over, it’s perfectly fine to leave a guitar on a stand instead of keeping it in a case when you’re not playing it.

humidify electric guitar
Should Electric Guitars Be Humidified

We all know that humidifying an acoustic guitar is absolutely crucial to avoid cracks and wood separation, but what about an electric guitar? For most electric guitars humidification is not necessary, the exception being some semi-hollowbody guitars and archtops with solid wood tops.

The Best Metronomes for Guitar

A metronome is an essential piece of gear for guitar players of all levels. We look at the best budget metronome by Korg to the most advanced wearable multifunction metronome from SoundBrenner.

Vintage Fender Mustang
When Does a Guitar Become Vintage?

The exact age for what is considered a vintage guitar is both subjective and changes depending on the make and model of instrument. However, a common increase in value for standard American made guitar models occurs from the late 60s to the early 70s, thus setting a general date for “vintage” guitars as anything manufactured before 1970.

Gibson Speed Knobs
Setup Like A Pro: How to Clean Guitar Electronics

In this edition of Set Up Like a Pro, we’re taking a look at how to correctly clean your guitar’s electronic components including the output jack, pots, switches, and more.

jimmy page and the p-82 twin mustang
5 Iconic Guitars and Their Airplane Equivalents

Ever seen a guitar and thought, “Interesting shape, that reminds me of an SR-71 Blackbird”? Well me too, and today we’re looking at 5 iconic guitars and their airplane equivalents.

make your electric guitar sound acoustic
How to Make Your Electric Guitar Sound Acoustic

The best way to achieve an acoustic sound from your electric guitar is through the use of an acoustic simulator effects pedal. In this article we’ll also look at some other ways to get that acoustic sound out of your electric.

Best Capos for Guitar
The Best Capos For Guitar

A capo is the bread and butter accessory of guitar players from all genres. Much like a clip on tuner, every guitarist should have a capo or two lying around the practice room or tucked away in their guitar case. Here are our favorite capos, and the things you want to consider when buying one for yourself.