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Setup Like a Pro: Correctly Adjust the Neck of Your Guitar
Setup Like a Pro: Correctly Adjust the Neck of Your Guitar

A correctly adjusted neck is essential for a guitar to play and sound its best, but one of the most basic and yet terrifying parts of a guitar setup is adjusting the truss rod in the neck of the guitar. Despite the horror stories we’ve all heard, the neck adjustment on a guitar is simple, easy, and can be performed by any skill level of player. Follow along as we dive into the correct way to adjust the truss rod in the neck of your electric or acoustic guitar.

Strat Tremolo
Float, Deck, or Block: An Exploration of The Strat Bridge

No doubt, the trem on the Fender Strat is both iconic and potentially frustrating because of the complexity it introduces into a guitar’s setup. In this article, we explore the three ways (floating, decking, or blocking) to set up the Stratocaster’s bridge and the pros and cons of each.

es335 and music
What Should My Guitar Teacher Be Teaching Me

Learning to play guitar can be incredibly challenging, and one of the best ways to level up your playing is through one on one guitar lessons. But what if you’re not learning anything? What if you’re not getting any better? What should your guitar teacher be teaching you?

Acoustic with Pickup
Does Installing a Pickup Hurt the Value of Your Acoustic Guitar

You want to install a pickup in your acoustic guitar, but don’t want to hurt its retail value. In this article we’re going to explore whether an aftermarket pickup in an acoustic guitar increases or decreases the value of the instrument.

Stratocaster Setup Tutorial
How to Correctly Setup a Stratocaster

Doing setup work on your own guitar can be intimidating at first, but once you get the hang of it it’s easy to do, saves you money, and allows you to dial in your guitar to play exactly how you like it. Follow along for a step by step guide to setting up your Stratocaster […]